Giving at FBCLS is simple and secure

The simple answer is we believe everything we have comes from God in the first place. We give because we believe God has entrusted us to be leaders for hope in our church and our community.

What does "tithe" mean?

The Bible teaches that a guideline for giving is called the tithe (Leviticus 27:30). That is giving 10% of what we earn back to God.

What does "offering" mean?

An offering is a gift given to a specific need above and beyond our tithe.

What the Bible teaches

Giving acknowledges God as the giver of everything we have (James 1:17).

Giving reflects our trust that God will provide for us (Matthew 6:19-24).

Giving allows us to be active participants in God's work on earth (2 Corinthians 9:6-7).

Giving at Central is simple and secure. Whether you'd like to give a single gift, or schedule ongoing giving, just click here to get started.

What you need to know.

  • You will Be Re-Directed to an External Site.
  • Why? The online giving module at AccessACS is on a secure server. Do not be alarmed that you are directed away from – this is normal.
  • What is AccessACS? ACS is our church software that manages our membership database and financial records. FBCLS has used ACS for several years.
  • You must have an AccessACS account. If you don’t already have an AccessACS account, you will need to set one up to give online.
  • Are you a member? If you have an account or need to create an account, then, click this link to go to the account login/create screen. A valid email is required.
  • Not a member but still want to give? Then, click this link to go the the non-member account create/login screen. A valid email is required.
  • Is it safe? Absolutely. By setting up an account with us, you can keep track of your ministry involvement, financial contributions, the church calendar, and keep your information on file completely up to date.
  • Are there any fees? There are no fees of any kind to sign up for an AccessACS account at FBCLS. This utility is for your convenience.
  • If a credit card is used please consider adding a small amount ($1-$5) to your contribution to offset the fees the church pays to your card company.