Community Groups

Don't go through life alone. Find a Community Group to share it with.

Community Groups

Being a part of a group is essential to the life of a Christian. Even if you're not a Christian, joining a group can give you more opportunities to hear God through the Bible or through a friend's kind words.

If you're interested in joining a group, check the list below for a brief description of each group, their meeting times, and contact information for each group host. Feel free to email a host or contact the Office at FBCLS for more information.

Sunday Morning Community Groups

8:15 am

  • Coed Adults, hosted by Allen Garner, Room ADM-137
  • Coed Adults, hosted by Jon Plaas, Room AUD-243
  • Coed Adults, hosted by Barry & Betty Pennington, Room ADM-139
  • Coed Adults, hosted by Allen & Brenda Baker, Room AUD-044
  • Coed Senior Adults, hosted by Paul Voris, Room AUD-042
  • Coed Senior Adults, hosted by Gary Snowden, Chapel
  • Men Senior Adults, hosted by Bob Rethemeyer, Room ADM-133
  • Ladies Senior Adults, hosted by Jo Draper, Room AUD-046

9:30 AM

  • Coed Adults, hosted by Judy Shaffer, ADM - 137
  • Coed Adults, hosted by Jack & Suzanne Wiley, Room AUD - 040
  • Coed Adults, hosted by Ray Sutterby, Room AUD-042
  • Coed Senior Adults, hosted by Gary Snowden, Room AUD-046

10:45 AM

  • Coed Young Adults, hosted by Lanny Foutz, FLC-019
  • Coed Adults, hosted by Brian & Sheryl Franke, Room EDu-224
  • Coed Adults, hosted by Sharon Byers, Room AUD-044
  • Coed Adults, hosted by Larry Birch, Room ADM-137
  • Coed Adults, hosted by Rick Henks, Room AUD-046
  • Ladies Senior Adults, hosted by Marge Van Wye, Room ADM-139

Mid-Week Gatherings

  • Empty Nest/College & older Children - Rich & Shirley Olson - One Tuesday a month at 6:30 PM
  • Empty Nest/College & Older Children - Ken & Naomi Shaw - Every other Tuesday at 6:00 PM
  • Families with Preschool/Elementary Age Children - Adam & Mary Beth Rich, Ken & Kate Hendrix - Thursdays at 5:45 PM

Men's Groups

Saturdays at 7:30 AM in room ADM-139, at FBCLS

For additional information about our Men's Ministry contact, Patrick Brennan.

Real Moms

REAL Moms meets every 1st and 3rd Friday during the school year. For more information check out the REAL Moms page.

Need help finding the right group?

We would love to help you find a group. If you want information about a weekday Community Group or a Sunday morning Group, help us help you by giving us some information to get the ball rolling.