Rekindle 2020

A full schedule of Rekindle with information and details!


You will be encouraged to renew your commitment to God, and you will be equipped to make your relationship with God more central in your everyday life. We are praying that God will revive our faith and rekindle our passion for him!


Friday, February 28              

6:30pm: Main Session #1

7:30pm: Breakout Sessions:

  • Allen Baker - Five Things God Uses to Grow Your Faith
  • Discover the biblical case for five things God uses to grow an unshakeable faith in you!

  • Caroline Cooper - Spiritual Growth and Mental Health
  • This workshop will provide an overview of mental health and explore the connection between spiritual growth and mental wellness.

  • Allen Garner - Practical Ideas for Loving Your Neighbor
  • A session to help everyone get started reaching, teaching, sharing, and embracing those around you.

  • Cameron Laziér – Where’d the Time Go? How to WIN at Time Management
  • There are exactly 1440 minutes in a day, but most of us wish we had more. This breakout session will give you practical ways to get the most out of your day.

  • Susan Weese – Praying 2x2
  • Using Paul as an example, we will learn to pray together for spiritual needs.

  • Suzanne Wiley - Spiritual Disciplines
  • Come discover or revisit the 12 spiritual disciplines, discovering specific ones that are a challenge for you or a confirmation that seek to keep you in step with the Spirit.

  • Kimberley Attaway and Angie Keeting - What Does It Mean to Be a Christian? (( For K-6th Grade Only)
  • Using the plan of salvation as a guide, we will explore how to become a Christian and what Christians do to grow in their relationship with God.


Saturday, Feb 29      

9:00am: Breakout #2

  • Kimberley Attaway - How to Have Family Devotions
  • The HEAR Method Do you need new ideas for a family devotion time? Not sure where to start? Come learn the HEAR Method, a four-part guide to reading scripture with your kids. **This will be interactive for parents and their kids.**

  • Sharon Byers – Worry Warts Are Just for Toads
  • This breakout session will provide you with practical ways to squelch worry and have joy despite circumstances.

  • Beth Garner - Pumped for Bible Reading
  • Hear about some new ways to make time for Bible reading, and some new approaches to reading those life-changing words.

  • Jack Wiley - Spiritual Growth in the Empty Nest Season
  • How to get closer to God now that you don't have to help with homework.

  • Gary Snowden - How to Share Your Faith
  • This breakout session will help you overcome the fear of speaking to others about your faith in Christ and provide you with some tools and guidelines to do so effectively.

 Saturday, March 1                                       

10:00am: Breakout #3

  • Sharon Byers – Two Keys to Harmonious Relationships
  • This breakout session will describe two effective spiritual disciplines for every relationship.

  • Rick Henks - Becoming a (Close) Friend of God
  • Is your friendship with God all you want it to be? Is it all God wants? We will explore ways to enhance our walk with God.

  • Blake McKinney - Resources for Spiritual Growth
  • Learn about books, websites, email devotions, videos, apps, and other resources you can use to grow closer to Christ.

  • Phil Morgan - Paying Attention: Learning to See God's Work in Your Everyday Life
  • When was the last time you saw God at work? You might be amazed at what you’ve been missing. Learn some easy, practical tips to find the divine in your daily grind.

  • Barry Pennington - Meditating on Scripture
  • Learn a new and refreshing method of reading the Bible that will change the way you view, and apply, a Scripture passage to your life.

  • Judy Shaffer – Small Group Dynamics
  • Learning Fellowship-Challenges-Rewards Come be encouraged to step out in faith as a small group leader\servant.

  • Kimberley Attaway: ((For K-6th Graders Only))
  • Spiritual Disciplines 101 for Kids We talk a lot about spending time with God, praying, and worshiping but no one ever really explains how to do it! In this hands-on experience, we will practice what spiritual disciplines look like for an elementary-aged kid.


11:00am: Main Session #2                                      

6:30pm: Fellowship Dinner

Saturday evening Fellowship Meal will be provided by Summit Hickory Pit BBQ.

The menu will be: 

  • Beef, pulled pork, and turkey 
  • Beans 
  • Potato Salad 

(Gluten free options available) 


  • Kids 6 and under – Free 
  • Kids 7-12 - $8.00 
  • 13 years and over - $15.00 


Sunday, March 1:

  • 9:30am and 10:50am: Main Session #3