R.E.A.L. Moms

You're invited to join us on the wild journey of motherhood!

Being a mom has its days. Some are tough. Some are amazing. But all days are better when you have friends who get it, who have been there, and who will laugh with you through it. REAL Moms is a group that offers just that. Our mom group exists to foster Relationships, Encouragement, Acceptance and Laughter (REAL) among moms of preschoolers (birth to kindergarten).

What do meetings look like?

We start with snacks and end with a little humor.

In between, we usually have a guest speaker, discussion time, an activity and/or a demo.

If you've been with us before we offered REAL Kids during those meetings.

With the arrival of COVID, we've discontinued childcare at this time.

Newborns to six months are welcomed to meetings at your discretion.

Have questions?  Interested in joining?  We're happy to help!

Check Back for the next start up date in 2021!

1st & 3rd Thursday Evenings, pre-registration required.